Sunshine Hydro shares articles on topics relating to the renewables industry.

How Sunshine Hydro can put Downward Pressure on Electricity Prices

Electricity spot prices are more than double where they were 12 months ago according to AEMO’s quarterly energy dynamics report.

How to be Carbon Neutral in Real Time

Google is taking action to properly account for the carbon used by its data centres around the world. This is how Google describes their goal.

The Case for Deep Storage

Hydro Tasmania gets it when it comes to deep storage — well, kind of, and we’ll get to that later.  But they do certainly understand one of the key values of deep storage.  In a paper prepared by Tas Hydro for ARENA, they find that...

Strathclyde University Discussion Paper on Pumped Hydro

The case for pumped hydro in the UK energy mix is put in this paper recently released by the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. The authors draw three main conclusions...

Pumped Hydro Plants one of Cheapest Sources of Electricity

Here’s some useful data from Acciona about pumped hydro however they still talk about pumped hydro as though it will be used to match demand peaks...

‘Get Used to Blackouts’ — Warning from IHA Congress

An International Government-led coalition calls for urgent action on pumped storage hydropower. ‘Get used to blackouts’ or risk reverting to fossil fuels is the warning, unless the world scales up investment in water batteries to support fast-growing solar and wind power...