Decarbonise with integrity

We invite you to explore our solution for 24/7 carbon-free energy and green fuels.

Introducing a new vision for sustainability: the Superhybrid™

A fully decarbonised energy and transport sector is both technically possible and commercially viable. Let us show you how.

The Superhybrid is a game-changing combination of:

  • wind and solar power purchase agreements (PPA)
  • long-duration energy storage and peaker
  • green e-biofuel production
  • long-term supply contracts for 24/7 carbon-free energy (24/7 CFE) and green fuels, and
  • merchant trading.

All are underpinned by Sunshine Hydro’s unique AESOP software, which uses AI to ensure there’s no waste and all contract commitments are covered at all times.

This is a critical decade for energy transition. We welcome all existing or aspiring owners of long-duration energy storage. Get in touch so we can demonstrate how we add value to your assets. Together, we can decarbonise faster.

Four pillars


Sunshine Hydro’s Proprietary AESOP technology is the cornerstone that enables seamless and efficient operation of our Superhybrid™ energy systems. It uses historic, live and forecast data to determine the best use of each renewable electron for each 5-minute period.


We are deeply committed to protecting and enhancing biodiversity while decarbonising. We work with specialist conservation groups and First Nations people to map out environmental conservation programs for our project sites.


We seek to create tangible benefits for the local communities and First Nations people of our project sites. We walk the talk by offering agency in our projects through shareholding, employment and revenue sharing.


Key to the Superhybrid™ financial advantage is combining long-term contracted revenue (10 years+) with capturing arbitrage and trading opportunities. This means bankability for greenfield projects and significant profitability boosts for existing long-duration energy storage assets.

Our vision is a fully decarbonised energy and transport sector that serves all of us in harmony with nature and First Nations people.

How we create value

Our projects

We have a portfolio of more than 70 projects at different levels of development. Each is designed around the Superhybrid™ business model or as a stand-alone green fuel production facility with a prospect of a future merger into a Superhybrid project.

As developers we are progressively moving these projects through design, planning approval, pre-FEED, FEED and financial modelling. In parallel we are establishing power purchase agreements for the renewable wind and solar input and off-take agreements for the energy and green fuel outputs. We strategically sell down our share of the projects to release capital to developing further projects.


Our partners

Global decarbonisation is urgent. We will do everything in our power to accelerate it. This includes offering advisory services to ‘superhybridise’ third-party projects and existing long-duration energy storage assets, as well as licensing AESOP software for the operations phase.

This can be done by setting up a ‘digital twin’ of the asset ecosystem and simulating its performance using Superhybrid™ principles. We gain credible results by using historical data. This means we don’t use ‘perfect foresight’. We can also observe how the assets would operate in real time.

Our latest blogs

An untold story about nuclear power

There’s been lots of discussion lately about nuclear power and its role in a future Australian grid. In a recent Investor Q&A Webinar for our equity crowdfunding campaign on Birchal, we were asked if we see nuclear power as a threat to our Superhybrid™ business model. That question inspired me to write this blog.  

Our story so far

The first tender shoots of the idea for this company started when I was living in a sustainable community. The community needed energy storage and I started looking at how that might be done. First I envisaged a micro pumped hydro station. However, the more I explored these ideas, the bigger things became and the possibilities of what could be achieved increased. It soon became clear that I needed a company with like-minded individuals to carry this forward, and so Sunshine Hydro was born.

Energy Transition learning from the Yellowstone Wolves

Can we learn from the Yellowstone Wolves about the value of a keystone species on its ecosystem.

Sunshine Hydro acknowledges and pays respect to the past, present and future Traditional Custodians and Elders of this nation and the continuation of cultural, spiritual and educational practices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.