We invite you to explore our solution to create 24/7 carbon-free energy and green fuels.

24/7 Carbon-free energy

Sunshine Hydro’s Superhybrid technology can provide 24/7 carbon-free energy (CFE) with similar reliability and security to a nuclear power plant, but without legal hurdles, with significantly less water consumption, and at a lower cost.

Financial viability can be solved. The Superhybrid is set to improve bankability, and unlock private capital. Reliance on government funding would be over. Our technology optimises long-duration energy storage and provides additional revenue streams.  This means the return on investment is improved and the payback period is reduced, putting investment opportunities like pumped hydro firmly back on the radar of investors.

Pumped hydro is reimagined. Our AESOP technology has the ability to accelerate decarbonisation. We have created a renewables ecosystem we call a Superhybrid™. This combines wind and solar generation with long-duration energy storage and the flexible load of hydrogen/methanol production. The pumped hydro becomes the keystone of the Superhybrid ecosystem, and using our AESOP software takes control to deliver 24/7 carbon-free energy, while directing the green electrons to the most beneficial use at the time. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) of AESOP determines the best use at any moment for green energy generated to supply carbon-free energy and create green hydrogen or e-methanol.

Private and public pumped hydro facilities benefit. These are exciting times for the global renewables industry. We encourage all hydropower industry participants – both public and private – to make contact and let us demonstrate the value we can add to pumped hydro projects.

Sunshine Hydro developed Superhybrid ecosystems will deliver 24/7 CFE in Australia. Djandori Gung-i Superhybrid and Dumaresq Superhybrid ecosystems combined, and incorporating wind and solar, will deliver 7.0TWh of time-matched green energy and abate 6 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions annually (1% of Australia’s total annual emissions).


Our 4 Pillars


AESOP will make it possible to deliver 24/7 carbon-free energy.  Our AESOP technology uses historic, live, and forecast data in its decision-making matrix.  AESOP uses this data to optimise energy sources so they attune with the current demands of contestable wholesale markets while accounting for future commitments.


Sunshine Hydro cares a great deal about the preservation of the environment which we all share and will maintain constant vigilance on all projects during design, construction, and operation. We will work with specialist conservation groups to map out environmental conservation programs and strategies in all projects.


Sunshine Hydro is mindful of the community impact its projects may have and intends for any impact to be significantly positive. Sunshine Hydro considers local community members and First Nations People to be stakeholders who are equal in importance to all other stakeholders.


Sunshine Hydro significantly improves the financial viability of renewables projects. Often projects around the world are waiting for government funding to proceed. With Sunshine Hydro’s innovation, the wait is over. Project profitability increases and the pay-back period reduces to the extent projects are able to attract private funding.

Sunshine Hydro fuses the timelessness of nature, leading edge technology, and the spirit of community. Sunshine Hydro has been formed as an organisation that combines the renewable energy provided by nature with technology that will continuously evolve for the benefit of people and their communities. This is as true today as it will be in 2050.

How we Create Value


Our Clients

Sunshine Hydro is able to demonstrate value for public utility organisations and private project owners from all around the world.

  • Dedicated Consultant
  • New and Existing Facilities
  • Personalized Solutions 
  • Client Engagement

Public Utilities

AESOP optimises operations to maximise productivity gains for the shared benefit of key stakeholders and customers of public utilities.

Privately Owned Facilities

AESOP can present clear evidence of maximised operational and investor returns in privately owned projects. It is key to improving financial viability. For projects waiting on government funding to proceed, an improved forecast rate of return makes the project more attractive to private investors and reduces the need for government funding. Full financial models based on projected 20-year simulations can provide confidence to infrastructure investors and project owners.

Risk Mitigation

Our approach focuses on mitigating and managing risks, and this is reflected in some of AESOP’s key functionality. For instance, AESOP can quantify past and future operational and financial benefits in a low-risk digital twin environment using historical data.

Our Portfolio

Sunshine Hydro takes a portfolio building approach and develops Superhybrid™ renewable energy projects.

Our approach is similar to that of a large real estate developer. We secure land and undertake works to add value to the site and generate income.

 A Superhybrid™ is a new asset class that we have created. The asset value is underpinned by:

  • Land and renewables infrastructure. The project value varies directly with progressive stages of feasibility undertaken. 
  • Income generating potential which extends beyond 50 years once developed. 
  • Multiple revenue streams. A Superhybrid™ will generate revenue from the sale of green energy and green hydrogen. 
  • Strong industry drivers. Demand for green energy and green hydrogen is predicted to grow in the future and the value of  Superhybrid™ outputs will therefore increase over time.

We have commenced building our portfolio. To date, we have focused on two Superhybrid projects; the Djandori Gung-i Superhybrid in Queensland and the Dumaresq Superhybrid in Northern NSW.

 Third party projects

We own our own projects and also invite inquiries from third party pumped hydro project owners who are seeking co-investment in their projects. To add value to third party projects, we are able to provide expertise in project management as well as our innovative AESOP software.

Our Latest Blogs

An untold story about nuclear power

There’s been lots of discussion lately about nuclear power and its role in a future Australian grid. In a recent Investor Q&A Webinar for our equity crowdfunding campaign on Birchal, we were asked if we see nuclear power as a threat to our Superhybrid™ business model. That question inspired me to write this blog.  

Our story so far

The first tender shoots of the idea for this company started when I was living in a sustainable community. The community needed energy storage and I started looking at how that might be done. First I envisaged a micro pumped hydro station. However, the more I explored these ideas, the bigger things became and the possibilities of what could be achieved increased. It soon became clear that I needed a company with like-minded individuals to carry this forward, and so Sunshine Hydro was born.

Energy Transition learning from the Yellowstone Wolves

Can we learn from the Yellowstone Wolves about the value of a keystone species on its ecosystem.

Sunshine Hydro acknowledges and pays respect to the past, present and future Traditional Custodians and Elders of this nation and the continuation of cultural, spiritual and educational practices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.