Sunshine Hydro’s AESOP technology is revolutionary. 

AESOP - Advanced Energy Storage Optimising Program

AESOP has been developed by Sunshine Hydro. It is a leading edge innovative artificial intelligence (AI) software. It uses AI/ machine learning in order to optimise operational and project outcomes and therefore returns to shareholders. Sunshine Hydro’s projects combine AESOP, the pumping of water to high levels to store energy, and the use of electrolysis to store energy as hydrogen. AESOP maximises the amount of energy stored and minimises the energy lost, and it is this technology that generates the largest value with Superhybrid renewable energy projects.
Experienced engineers use the AESOP digital twin modelling tools to simulate exactly how a project operates. The project could incorporate pumped hydro, wind turbines, solar and hydrogen storage. Actual data, including weather and grid demand, are fed into the digital twin model and engineers then fine-tune project parameters so that both revenue generation and infrastructure cost are optimised. This is significantly different to the older processes which have used very basic modelling to achieve a final design.


Pumped Hydro

Water held in reservoirs is the proven gold standard for efficiency and effectiveness in deep storage. It can be stored for long periods without cost and can be released on demand.

Deep storage is required to get the maximum efficiencies in Superhybrid

Pumped hydro systems will be favoured to satisfy the demand for renewable energy in the future. It is anticipated that installed capacity will grow by 82GW by 2030.

hydrogen storage

Deep Storage

Deep Storage includes pumped hydro, power-to-gas (hydrogen), compressed air energy storage, molten salt, molten silicon, gravitational potential and flow battery storage. Currently, over 95% of all deep storage is in the form of pumped hydro, but over time we expect to see this change as available pumped storage assets are taken up and as new technologies are proven and costs are reduced.

Sunshine Hydro digital technologies are agnostic and can work equally well to maximise profit and effectiveness of any deep storage system.


Energy Storage

The amount of energy that can be stored in a pumped hydro project is enormous. A typical project of Sunshine Hydro would store 10 gigawatt-hours of energy, which is enough to power 600,000 houses for a day. The cost of such a pumped hydro station is around $1.1 billion. The cost of providing a battery for each of those houses to do the same task would cost $10 billion. (And they don’t last that long and would have to be replaced in 10 to 15 years’ time).